torsdag 21 juni 2012

Do you remember?

Klicka  på länken och minns det ljuva 80-talet,
och skruva upp volymen!!!

(Lite fakta om gruppen)

986) The pop/rock group Cutting Crew formed in England in 1985, just one year before "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" made them stars at home and across the Atlantic. Founding members Kevin Scott MacMichael (guitar) and Nick Van Eede (vocals) met in Halifax, Nova Scotia, while both musicians were on tour with their respective bands. A musical connection was made, and MacMichael soon left his native Australia and relocated to England, where he and Van Eede immediately began to collaborate. After signing with Siren Records on the strength of their demos, Cutting Crew became a foursome in 1986 with the addition of bassist Colin Farley and drummer Martin Beadle; they entered the recording studio that same year. While the pace was certainly quick, the quartet was comprised of veterans; Eede had toured the world with his Sussex-based outfit the Drivers, MacMichael served time as guitarist for Fast Forward, Beadle was a one-time member of Hull, and Farley had completed hours of session work for many artists.
Cutting Crew released their debut album, Broadcast, in 1986. The group received mixed reviews from music critics, but not when it came to the album's undeniable highlight, the synth-heavy "(I Just) Died in Your Arms." The song became smash hit in the United States, reaching number one on the Billboard singles chart and enjoying similar success in the U.K. "One for the Mockingbird" and "I've Been in Love Before" also enjoyed significant radio play, and the band left home for a worldwide tour, standing in as opening act for such groups as the Bangles, Starship, and Huey Lewis & the News.
Cutting Crew released a sophomore album, The Scattering, in 1989. A third full-length effort, 1992's Compus Mentus, failed to revive their sagging popularity, however, and Cutting Crew called it quits the following year. MacMichael paired up with Robert Plant for the singer's 1993 solo effort, Fate of Nations, while Nick Van Eede chose to revive Cutting Crew the following decade. Featuring a radically different lineup, the group released Grinning Souls in 2006.

Ha en fin Dag!

Kramar Kathrine...

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Oh yes, jag minns den låten. Suggestivt snyggt klipp gör låten ännu bättre. Om vi inte hörs före fredag säger jag Glad Midsommar och stor kram till dig vännen.

Puumuli sa...

Härligt! Min absoluta favoritlåt från 80-talet - tack och trevlig midsommar!

Sari från Puumuli

myrica sa...

Jag är inne och vill önska dig en trevlig Midsommar.

Hulda sa...

Den husker jeg :) Så herlig innlegg under, fra i går. Likte SÅ godt hatten, vesken og de hvite klærne på knaggrekken. Herlige foto!

Hanna sa...

Ha en bra dag!

Elsa och Helena sa...

Ja, jag minns den låten och det härliga 80-talet!

Trevlig Midsommar...KRAMAR

LissasVita sa... blev jag lite yngre bums....musik är ljuvligt...För oss blir det stort firande med mycket människor och så klart den hemvändande dottern frå Australien och hennes vän! Han kastas rakt in i den svenska traditionen. Kramen Lisbeth

john sa...

Oh yes I remember ! Happy midsummer weekend ! Gail x

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik sa...

Trevlig midsommar till dig vännen!

Vitt hus med svarta knutar sa...

Tittar in för att önska dig en underbar midsommarhelg!


Helena sa...

Minns jag så väl!
Glad midsommar med god mat o trevligt sällskap!
KRAM från mig1

All Seasons sa...

I clic on the link. This was a great song in the '80. I love this song!! I shall put it on my Facebook site :-)